PATRICK TARRANT is a filmmaker and lecturer on the BA Film Practice at London South Bank University
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Excerpt from The Trembling Giant

Sight and Sound review of The Take-Up by Michael Pattison, November 2014

"And then the sublime: two standout works in which one feels that rare pulsating swell of a genuine experiment. In Zagreb it was Alexandre Larose’s Brouillard Passage #14. In London it’s Patrick Tarrant’s The Take-Up... Final word, though, to Tarrant, whose latest film is a magnificently subtle celebration of celluloid – by way of shooting a single digital take through the holes of a spinning 16mm take-up reel. It’s an ingenious concept, and the soundtrack – from Larry Yust’s 1961 documentary How to Bend Light – teases, mystifies, illustrates and primes. And all the while, the flicker of analogue gradually overwhelms the unremitting zeroes and ones capturing an otherwise mundane street scene to head-spinningly enthralling effect."