Slow Boat To Queens (2009) 7 mins, DV

Slow Boat screened at the Queens International Film Festival 2009 and at Anthology Film Archives on July 9th, 2010, as part of a series of screenings called 'Outer Boroughs On Film'

If there is a tendency to take for granted our everyday exposure to life inside the city and its industries, Slow Boat To Queens seeks to magnify these sensory experiences through a short journey made long.

Tracing the vectored movement of the city’s mobile machines and people carriers this film seeks to give perspective to what it means to be human in their midst. And by tuning in to the violent symphony of the city itself, Slow Boat charts an everyday music which might rumble our bodies and ring in our ears if it weren't too constant to be noticed.

Finally, Slow Boat To Queens is a journey to the dimension of slow time, where crimes and surprises both reside.