Everything Is Everyday (2011) 10 mins, HD

Selected for: Surplus | Lack 2016 Antimatter Film Festival 2012Alphaville Inaugural Conference: Cinema in the Interstices 2012Crystal Palace: 1st ArtSpace Experimental Film and Video Festival 2012 Images Festival Toronto 2012Oregon Independent Film Festival 2012 — 4th Diversity in Place Film Festival Honolulu 2012 — Cherry Kino at 25th Leeds International Film Festival 2011 — 18th Chicago Underground Film Festival 201116th Split Film Festival 2011

With each of its 54 shots recorded on a different day, over the course of a year, this silent portrait of a window cleaner exploits the variable profilmic conditions to create a montage of duration that animates difference and change within the repeating patterns of the everyday. This film discovers the kind of beauty that is indeed everyday, and all around us, but which can also remain strangely obscured by the temporality of living itself.

'Radical Continuity and the Everyday' in OtherZine