Planet Usher: An Interactive Home Movie

Planet Usher was produced at RMIT University 2003 (AIM CENTRE) and was Highly Commended in the category of 'Best Student Developed Content' at the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association (AIMIA) Awards 2002.

Read the publication emerging from this research, Home Made: New Media in the Home Mode.

Planet Usher tells the story of, and through, the home video archive of the artist's brother, Peter, a man who was born deaf, took 20 years of home videos, and has slowly gone blind due to the effects of Usher Syndrome. Exploring the frailties of people and memory, and of narrative itself in interactive environments, Planet Usher engages with the fantasy that new media might somehow revive the lost home video archive.

In that vein, it is productivity, not simply loss, that is at work here, and the figure for this productivity is the 'remembered home movie'. This facilitates an approach to disability and home movies that eschews the sentimental in favour of something more alive, or indeed, more live.


Planet Usher has been exhibited in:

Melbourne ( Australian Centre for the Moving Image - ACMI)

New York (Association of Computer Machinery - ACM Multimedia 2004) and

London (Sequences).